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ZOHO Manage
Engine OpManager Pro Год выпуска: 2011
Версия: v8.8.8810
Разработчик: ZOHO Corp.
Платформа: Windows: 2003 Server, Vista, 2000 professional +SP4, XP Professional, x86-x64
Совместимость с Vista: да
Системные требования:
Interfaces|Processor|RAM|Hard Disk|
Up to 50 devices or 300 interfaces|1.7 GHz| 1GB| 40 GB|
Up to 300 devices or 2000 interfaces| 3.4 GHz| 2GB|
Up to 1000 devices or 5000 interfaces|2 * 3.4 GHz| 4GB| 80 GB|
More than 1000 devices or 5000 interfaces|4 * 3.4 GHz|8GB|
Язык интерфейса: Английский, Испанский, Китайскийl, Японский, Немецкий
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Описание: ManageEngine OpManager – это доступное, удобное при установке и в использовании, сетевое, системное, контролирующее приложения программное обеспечение. Это реальная альтернатива дорогим, большим и сложным системам сетевого управления, которые предлагает нам рынок.
- Специализированный функциональный контроль сервера, маршрутизатора, переключателя и принтера
- Превосходная программа для управления и устранения ошибок
- Встроенные графики и отчеты для центрального процессора, памяти, диска, и статистики интерфейса
- Всесторонний контроль маршрутизатора и переключателя
- Контроль сервера и услуг
- Контроль принтера
- Интеллектуальная служба контроля событий Event Alarm
- Извещения через электронную почту и смс
- Оператор отмечает предупреждения об опасности, предотвращение опасности, повышение опасности, и многое другое
- Контроль центрального процессора, памяти и диска, а также пропускной способности и интерфейса
- Встроенные графики и отчеты (можно экспортировать в формат HTML, PDF, JPG)
- Web Client и Remote Client – усовершенствованная функциональность
- Работает с Windows, Linux и Solaris
ManageEngine OpManager – это укомплектованное программное обеспечение для сетевого контроля. Оно предоставляет комбинацию из контроля WAN, сервера и приложений со встроенной панелью помощи, управления ресурсами и анализом сетевого трафика. Программа автоматизирует выполнение некоторых задач по сетевому контролю, так что представление о нем как о сложном процессе оказывается неверным.
Профессиональная версия. ManageEngine OpManager Professional Edition предназначена для контроля неограниченного количества приборов. Подходит для малого и среднего бизнеса.

ManageEngine OpManager 8
Release Highlights
Syslog Monitoring.
More performance monitors for Windows infrastructure.
Customizable dashboards.
Plasma TV/CCTV View
List view or Bulk configuration view
Real time graphs for performance Monitors (CPU, Memory, Disk & etc.)/ Traffic and Bandwidth Utilization
More Device Tools (RDP, Telnet apart from Weblinks, Trace Route, Ping and etc)
Process Monitoring Template
Superior Interface Snapshot page
Enhanced Reports
Failover Support
Intro Tab - To facilitate fast deployment of OpManager
Existing Features
SNMPv3 support
Discover devices by importing from a CSV file
Over 650 device templates to support simple and easy device monitoring.
ESX VMware Monitoring
VoIP Monitoring
NetFlow monitoring plugin
Process monitoring
String OID monitoring
Web-alarm enabling users to be notified of a fault
Determining device availability using TCP Port checks
Provision to add a device directly into a category
Provision to add custom links to devices for ready reference
Provision to select a time-window for a notification to be sent
Provision to select a time-window for generating reports
Ability to export reports in XLS format, schedule them as well
Automatic Discovery
OpManager performs Class-less Inter-Domain Routing-based automatic discovery of network devices, services and applications, apart from Range and CSV file import options.
Smart Classification/ Easy Configuration
Device and Interface Templates
OpManager comes with over 650 device templates enabling smart classification of the devices into Servers, Firewalls, Switches, Routers, Printers and Desktops, all grouped in different views. Also, try your hand at defining new templates and proudly share with other users!
Infrastructure and Business Views
Create your own infrastructure views and the Business views for grouping systems and applications together intelligently for effective management (i.e. group by geography, business process, device type etc.). Business views-based reports are also available.
Bulk Imports
Provision to bulk-import devices into different categories enables easy management and configuration.
Bulk Configuration View and Quick Configuration Wizard
Manage devices easily, execute most of the device configuration activities easily through Bulk Configuration View and Quick Configuration Wizard
Process Monitoring Template
Create template for specific processes and apply it to group of devices simply
Performance Monitoring
OpManager comes with comprehensive Performance Management functionality with a host of real-time graphs and historical reports for Availability, Utilization, Response times, Packet-loss and Inventory. You can monitor just about any resource on your network! Here's a quick run-through of few categories and resources monitored:
Server Management
OpManager offers real-time visibility into the health of Servers in the network. Support out-of-the-box for IBM-AIX, HP-UX and Windows Vista too.
- Supports monitoring of HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, DNS, LDAP, NTP, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL and more
- Monitors CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization
- Monitors key hardware parameters viz. Server Temperature for HP/ Compaq, Dell and IBM servers
- Provides out-of-the-box graphs and reports for server availability, response times and utilization
- Monitors Windows Services and Event Logs
- Monitor your Windows server performance in-depth with 25+ windows exclusive monitors
- Monitors Intranet or Internet URLs (HTTP or HTTPs site, supports monitoring of sites which require Authentication)
- Process Monitoring
- Supports Monitoring Applications like Oracle, Lotus Domino, RDBMS related monitors and offer specialized dashboards for Exchange, MS-SQL and Active Directory.
- Notifies when response time degradation occurs
ESX VMware Monitoring
Provides monitoring key system resources in virtual servers, especially ESX VMware and also has capabilities to stop, suspend and start virtual machine instances. Interface wise traffic can also be monitored using OpManager
WAN Monitoring
OpManager offers specialized views for routers and monitors the links for availability. It analyzes the traffic, utilization and error statistics. Help you analyze trends and plan your capacity with historical trends and reports. An intuitive user interface allows user to manage all infrastructure from a single console. Lets you add all the links to be monitored at one shot and also can drill down to see the root cause of poor WAN availability or performance using WAN RTT monitoring and NetFlow plugin
VoIP Monitoring
Ensure high quality of service in real-time for VoIP or Rich Multi-media traffic. Provides live visibility on performance and alerts immediately on outages and performance degradations. The dashboard is designed carefully to help you analyze the historical trends and troubleshoot during degradations.
Switch Monitoring
Provides live view of Switches with out-of-the-box monitors for port utilization and critical resource parameters. OpManager allows you to configure thresholds to detect and prevent broadcast storms or any network irregularities.
NetFlow Monitoring
Feel the pulse of your bandwidth with the new NetFlow monitoring plug-in. Monitor, Analyze, Identify who or which application is causing the bandwidth spike and plan your bandwidth scientifically.
Firewall Monitoring
A separate category for Firewall is available under Infrastructure Views and the monitored resources include CPU, Memory, Active Connections etc. Integrating with Firewall Analyzer will help you to get insight on Security and Traffic related information. (Know more)
Wireless Access Points Monitoring
Specialized views for monitoring wireless Access Points. Create templates for different wireless devices.
Network Change, Configuration and Compliance Management - NCM plugin
Manage your network devices easily. Take regular configuration back-up, rollback to good know configuration in a single click, troubleshoot irregularities, audit changes, enhance security and comply with regulations from a single console.
Real Time Graph
Get instantaneous information about current performance usage with Real Time Graphs. Available for any performance monitors (eg. CPU, Memory, Disk & etc.), Interface Traffic and Bandwidth Utilization
Syslog Monitoring
Even after tedious network performance audits, devices do fail. It is essential to know these network anomalies and act on it immediately. OpManager's Syslog daemon helps you to know these irregularities within split seconds and empower your visibility into your network.
UPS Monitoring
OpManager offers a separate view for UPS in your network and monitors the UPS load, its status, battery status, etc.
Specialized Cisco Management
Monitors over 25 critical parameters on Cisco devices and processes traps sent by the Cisco devices. Out-of-the-box monitors are also available for critical RMON variables.
Printer monitoring
Monitors printer availability and alerts automatically for Paper Jam, No Paper, Low Paper, No Toner, Low Toner and so on.
Compelling 'add-on's
Special add-on features are built into the Premium edition for monitoring
WAN RTT monitoring
VoIP Monitoring
NetFlow plugin (Separate downloadable file)
NCM Plugin - Network Change, Configuration and Compliance Management (Separate downloadable file)
VMware ESX Server
Exchange 2000/2003/2007
Active Directory
MSSQL services and parameters
Modem-based SMS alerting
Failover Support
Professional edition includes Real Time Graphs on performance monitors. Users can license any or all of the add-ons based on the monitoring requirement.
Premium edition bundles 5 server add-ons viz. VMware ESX, Exchange, Active Directory, MS-SQL monitoring and Modem based SMS alerting
Network edition includes WAN RTT monitoring, Real Time Graphs on performance, traffic and bandwidth, Switch Port Mapper with other basic functionalities of OpManager. Users can license any or all of the add-ons based on the monitoring requirement.
Network premium edition includes 5 network add-ons viz. WAN RTT, NetFlow, VoIP QoS, NCM and Modem based SMS alerting on top of Network edition.
Fault Management
Intelligent Event-Alarm Correlation
Performs intelligent event processing. It filters and correlates network events and presents only meaningful alarms to the Operator.
Dynamic Trap Loading
OpManager provides you an option of loading the Traps from various MIBs dynamically from the Web Client.
Web Alarm notification
Support Web alarm functionality to facilitate NOC staffs. NOC team will be clued-up onscreen immediately during network performance degradation or outage.
Email, SMS based Alarm notification
OpManager can be configured to automatically notify users through email or SMS, whenever an alarm occurs. In-fact for Routers and Switches, you can select the interfaces for which you wish to be notified.
Self-healing Scripts
Write your own self-healing scripts and configure OpManager to trigger the script automatically to recover from a service or device failure.
Log a Trouble Ticket
If you are also using ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, you can Integrate OpManager and Configure to log a trouble ticket to a particular technician, Set category and priority dynamically. It is possible to log a ticket for every device type and parameters monitored.
Networking Tools
Situations aren't the same at all time. The need for networking tools is really important at emergencies. OpManager provides such collection of critical tools viz. Switch Port Mapper, Real Time Graphs, Trace Route, Ping, Remote Desktop Top, Weblinks, MIB Browser & etc.
Database Support
Support for MSSQL database in addition to bundled MySQL. Provision to migrate existing MySQL data to MSSQL is configurable. Utilities to facilitate the data backup and restore are bundled as part of the application.
Scheduled Reports
Complementing the daily, weekly and monthly performance reports is the option to schedule the reports. What's more! The reports can be automatically emailed to configured email Ids.
Intuitive WebClient
A full-blown flash-based MapMaker is a part of the new WebClient. The WebClient also shows intuitive SLA Dashboards for Servers, WAN, and Business Views. The At-a-glance reports for devices shows all performance parameters at one go. 100% Clientless management.

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