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FXPHD SYN101 - Introduction to SynthEyes
Производитель: fxphd.com
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Описание: Уроки призваны познакомить с возможностями программы SynthEyes которая позволяет при помощи тракинга работать с видеопродукцией и 3Д дизайном. Присутствуют проджект файлы
Our fxphd tracking specialist, Victor Wolansky, takes members through the economical but incredibly powerful Syntheyes 3D tracking application. The course will be using the recent release of Syntheyes 2008. This course will give you the base knowledge you need in order to solve various types of shot.
Professor: Victor Wolansky
Class 1: Tracking, solving, and using meshes in Syntheyes. Uses helicopter shot in desert.
Class 2: A bit of 3D tracking theory and a look at the manual tracker.
Class 4: A look at tracking stationary cameras on tripods with and without zooms. Also, a look at orientating the camera on a still or locked off shot.
Class 5: Stabilization and more tricks on orienting the 3D world with the footage.
Class 6: Tracking a DV shot and dealing with interlacing, compression artifacts, and an intro to masking.
Class 7: Brief on importing interlaced footage in a 3D app. A difficult handheld shot using manual tracking.
Class 8: Tracking a steadycam shot through the lab. Cleaning up trackers and prepping a shot for use in 3D.
Class 9: Tracking a shot with a lot of lens distortion. Adding distortion to CGI elements for use in compositing applications.
Class 10: Getting started with a very challenging shot. Instead of achieving a perfect track in one class, overall techniques are discussed that are useful when approaching more difficult shots.
Видео кодек: QuickTime
Видео: 800 x 600
Аудио: 22050Hz

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